sue smith

is an actor and writer at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre in New York City. Who wants to talk about feelings?

Apr 21

Apr 9

Lonely Women Who Look Like Their Dogs


Female extras ONLY. Age range 20 - 40. Seeking dog owners who resemble their dog in a fun comedic way, similar to the iconic park scene in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. For instance, a sporty girl with a husky, or hipster girl with an unusual breed. Will consider any type of dog. Please describe your dog (breed, coloring, any training or film experience).

Why you gotta stereotype?


Apr 7

Mar 31

Upcoming Shows

-4/1, Tits & Giggles, 8pm at Laughing Devil 
-4/3, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-4/4, Slow Dance, 8pm, Niagara
-4/4, Triple Crown, 11pm
-4/5, Afternoon Delight, 6pm at Pete’s Candy Store
-4/6, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast 
-4/7, Casual Sketch, M White, 6:45pm
-4/7, Pioneer Bar, 8pm
-4/8, Tits & Giggles, 8pm at Laughing Devil 
-4/9, Free Bacon, 9pm, The Creek & The Cave
-4/10, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-4/15, Tits & Giggles, 8pm at Laughing Devil 
-4/17, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-4/21, Storytelling, 9:30 at The PIT
-4/24, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
-4/26, Laughing Devil, 8:45 and 10:45
-4/28, The Stand, 10:30pm
-4/29, Tits & Giggles, 8pm at Laughing Devil 

Mar 24

Mar 20

Laughing Devil Show 3/25


We have a great lineup for the 3/25 show at Laughing Devil. 8pm, every Tuesday!

Ali Wong
Meghan O’Keefe
Jaqi Furback
Katie Hannigan
Sachi Ezura
Lynn Bixenspan

so excited!

Mar 10


Lane Moore (VH1, MTV) and Sue talk about WOMEN’S ISSUES. For real, tho… Sue is missing those ~beach vibes.~

Domestic violence statistics:

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Feb 3


Becky Chicoine (UCB) talks about her hilarious new sketch show, Womantown. Sue is pissed about shady friend requests.

Jan 27

Jan 6


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