1. broadist:

    TRIGGER WARNING: violence against women, assault, etc.

    The last time I was assaulted was the same week as the Isla Vista killings which also coincided with my 27th birthday. It happened again yesterday afternoon, with unwanted sexual advances on the bus. I was alone, my phone was dead, and no…


  3. titsgiggles:

    Jo Firestone (UCB) talks about why she hates being touched. Sue has a social media hangover.


  4. The UCB Is Not Your Dad

    First of all, I’m incredibly grateful and #blessed to be part of UCB Digital. It’s gonna be huge, my friends, and I can’t wait to start making stuff.

    Secondly, teamwise, this is my first yes in sea of nos. The UCB has been my home since 2007—I love the place— and this is the first time I’ve been on a house team. I’ve auditioned for Harold six times, Maude five, and been rejected every year. (We’ll count last year’s Harold callback as half a point.) That doesn’t mean I’m not funny. 

    You’re probably going to face rejection there, too. It’s simply a numbers game. GOOD. Let those rejections make you stronger. Let them make you so mad you fight harder. Let them propel you to hone your voice and become an independent performer. Because I was rejected 11 times, I learned how to stand on my own two feet, perform solo, and, therefore, feel comfortable in front of a camera.

    Don’t stress about Harold auditions. The UCB is not your dad. You don’t need its approval to be funny. You started doing improv because it was fun, so HAVE FUCKING FUN.

    You gotta believe in yourself. I know that’s a struggle. We all want external validation—someone to tell us we’re good/funny/going to be successful. That has to come from within or else it won’t matter. (Trust me.) Using external stuff to feel okay causes so much damage. Just look at Lindsay Lohan. I digress. 

    Know who you are and do what YOU think is funny—there is no right. It may take awhile to find your voice. That’s okay. Work as hard as you fucking can and good stuff will come your way. I swear. 

    Also, none of this shit matters. You know what matters? Being a good person. Your family. Helping other people. Remember that.


  5. No specific characteristics necessary. Just be hot.


    4 OR 5 ATTRACTIVE GIRLS IN THEIR 20S. Pay Rate: $60 


    Wow, $60. That’ll really put a dent in my MFA debt. 




  8. Lonely Women Who Look Like Their Dogs


    Female extras ONLY. Age range 20 - 40. Seeking dog owners who resemble their dog in a fun comedic way, similar to the iconic park scene in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. For instance, a sporty girl with a husky, or hipster girl with an unusual breed. Will consider any type of dog. Please describe your dog (breed, coloring, any training or film experience).

    Why you gotta stereotype?




  10. Upcoming Shows

    -4/1, Tits & Giggles, 8pm at Laughing Devil 
    -4/3, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
    -4/4, Slow Dance, 8pm, Niagara
    -4/4, Triple Crown, 11pm
    -4/5, Afternoon Delight, 6pm at Pete’s Candy Store
    -4/6, BYOT, 10pm at UCBeast 
    -4/7, Casual Sketch, M White, 6:45pm
    -4/7, Pioneer Bar, 8pm
    -4/8, Tits & Giggles, 8pm at Laughing Devil 
    -4/9, Free Bacon, 9pm, The Creek & The Cave
    -4/10, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
    -4/15, Tits & Giggles, 8pm at Laughing Devil 
    -4/17, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
    -4/21, Storytelling, 9:30 at The PIT
    -4/24, Open Michelle, 5:30pm at UCBeast
    -4/26, Laughing Devil, 8:45 and 10:45
    -4/28, The Stand, 10:30pm
    -4/29, Tits & Giggles, 8pm at Laughing Devil